11 Signs That You’re Not Getting Enough Water

Water is a critical part of life for all humans. Unfortunately, most people do not drink enough water on a daily basis.

People in North America especially tend to replace water with sugary beverages that cause health problems.

Or they fool themselves into drinking “vitamin water” (what kind of water is purple??) and think they don’t need regular water.

Just to put it in perspective how much your body needs water, think about this:

  • Our brains are 22% water
  • Our blood is 92% water
  • Our bones are 22%
  • And our muscles are 75% water

The benefits of drinking water are literally endless. Drinking two cups of water before your meals helps to speed up your metabolism and cut down on your portion size.

The effects of elevated metabolism after drinking water start after around 10 minutes and peak after 30-40 minutes.

Studies show people that drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day burn an extra 17.4000 calories which is about 5 pounds!

The average adult loses around 10 cups of water a day! This is just from sweating, urinating and your body using water to eliminate waste.

Factors like being pregnant, doing heavy exercise, being ill or breastfeeding all require you to increase your water consumption.


The following are some telltale signs you need to boost your water intake:


Water is the most important source of energy in our body. When you are dehydrated, enzymatic activity in your body slows down which causes you to feel tired and sluggish.

High blood pressure

As said above, your blood is about 92% water. But this only applies to people who are well hydrated.

When you give your body too much soda and sugar instead of water, your blood becomes thicker.

When your blood gets thicker, it causes resistance in blood flowing which causes high blood pressure.

High cholesterol

When you’re dehydrated, your body produces more cholesterol (fat) for storing water. Subsequently, you start to suffering from high cholesterol levels.

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