Bathroom Safety Tips – The Most Treacherous Room In Your Home!

Bathroom safety tips are rarely the topic of discussion, but bathrooms are high risk areas for accidents to take place.

Bathroom safety is not something specific to the age of a person.  Share these bathroom safety tips with your friends and family!

This article will help reduce the chance of suffering injury in the bathroom and give you some things you can do to ensure bathroom safety in your home.

Difficulties in the bathroom include:

  • Getting in and out of the shower
  • Poor lighting
  • Slippery surfaces
  • Getting on and off the toilet

Sitting is a lot easier and safer than standing.  If possible always try to sit instead of straining yourself standing.   Investing in a bath bench, commode or shower stool goes a long way towards safety.  They will allow you to remain comfortable and safe while bathing.

Bath benches or stools can also be used for support when washing at a sink.

Throw rugs are very slippery and dangerous. They should be eliminated from all bathrooms.

Invest in some mats that have a strong grip, be sure to secure any corners of a mat that may be loose. Put non-slip strips on your bathroom floors and in the bathtub. This is probably the easiest bathroom safety tip that can save you the most trouble.


A clean bathroom is a safe one

Cleanliness also helps with safety. Always keep the bathroom floor and counters dry as wet surfaces are slippery. You can also invest in a weighted shower curtain to help keep water inside the tub.

Be sure to keep the tub clean of any soap scum or debris as these can be potential hazards as well. Do not allow mould or any other substances to build up.  These can be slippery and cause other health issues.  Try and find a stool that is the right height for washing your face and being at the sink.

More Healthy Living TIps

Make sure your bathroom is adequately lit in both the day and night time. Being able to see everything clearly goes a long way in terms of being safe.

A nightlight or an illuminated light switch can help keep everything visible at night.

Always take your time while in the bathroom.  The slower you move the safer you can keep yourself.  Use these bathroom safety tips to create a safe environment for yourself.bathroom safety

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