3 Useful Health Benefits Of A Humidifier In Your Home

Humidifiers are useful devices that are criminally underrated.

Far too many of us accept symptoms like dry skin, dry noses, chapped lips, and irritated nasal passages as a regular part of life.

This article gives you a few reasons why you should take the benefits of a humidifier seriously.

Why Should You Care About Humidity In Your Home?

Did you know that dry air can actually worsen your allergies? Dry sucks moisture from your mouth and nose which leaves your throat and nasal passages extremely dry. When you have dry nasal passages, you’re more susceptible to nosebleeds, irritation and other irritating allergy symptoms.

Have you noticed that your allergies are easier to manage when you’re hydrated? Your nose needs a thick layer of mucus in order to trap allergens, dust, bacteria, and pollen that try to enter your sinuses. Managing the humidity level in your home is a great way to help your body produce healthy amounts of mucous.

Humidity can pose a problem during the winter. When you turn on the heat, the heating system kicks up clouds of dust and allergens into the air that cause inflammation in your sinuses. Anytime your nasal passage is irritated, your allergy symptoms worsen.

What will happen when you start using a cool mist humidifier? You can avoid problems such as dry skin, irritated nasal passages, and even nosebleeds by simply restoring moisture to your environment.

Here’s Why It’s Worth Having A Humidifier In Your Home ( & What You’re Missing Out On By Not Having One)

You’ll be able to stop fighting nose bleeds and itchy nostrils

Dry air is a common cause of sinus problems. Dry air causes your nasal passages to have difficulty with draining and functioning properly. Adding more humidity to the air lubricates your nasal passages and gets rid of issues such as itchiness and congestion.

Dry air is notorious for causing the membranes in your nose to bleed. Repeatedly blowing your nose and inhaling dry air puts you at risk of having a nosebleed, especially if you have a cold.

One of the biggest benefits of having a humidifier around is that it reduces the irritation that causes nosebleeds. Having extra humidity in the air lubricates your nasal passages which relieves irritation on the membranes inside your nose.

Humidified air is also excellent for combating conditions like sinusitis, especially during the winter. Adding extra humidity to the air helps the mucus in your nose flow properly. Your mucus needs to be at an appropriate level of thickness which makes it easier for your nose to clean the air that passes through it without experiencing irritating symptoms.

Keeping your nasal passages moist is especially important during allergy season and the winter when dry air is constantly running throughout your home.

You can avoid being dehydrated with no effort

Whether it’s the flu, a cold or an asthma attack, your body will benefit from having your nasal and lung passages well hydrated. Simply having the water vapor in the air allows your body to absorb the extra moisture through your skin. Keeping your nasal passages clear and hydrated will help to speed up the healing process when you have a cold.

If you snore or sleep with your mouth open, having extra humidity in your home will help you avoid waking up with dry mouth and other unpleasant symptoms. The extra humidity also helps relieve chest congestion, itchy throats and can help your airways stay open while you sleep.

You can forget dealing with chapped lips as soon as you wake up

With more moisture in the air, your skin will be much healthier. You will start to notice your skin will feel more supple and hydrated. Remember, your skin is still an organ, and it needs taking care of. You’ll notice you will need less moisturizer the more often you use a humidifier.

If you’re worried about your looks, sleeping with a humidifier in the room is a great way to preserve your skin. Dry skin exaggerates the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your face. When your skin is excessively dry, you’re more likely to develop skin conditions such as eczema. Sleeping with a humidifier is an easy way to invest in the health of your skin without doing anything.

You’ll also notice when you wake up in the morning, your mouth and lips won’t feel as dry. Keeping the air in your room hydrated has many small benefits that you’ll notice over time.

Why a humidifier?

By now, it’s easy to see that using a humidifier is an excellent way to improve the overall quality of your life. You’ll no longer wake up with dry mouth and itchy palate, and you’ll have a natural solution that helps you manage your allergy symptoms.

Overtime, your skin will become more vibrant and supple thanks to the extra humidity in the air. Humidifiers also work great with essential oils which carry many health benefits of their own.

  • Dy air is a hidden but common cause of irritating allergy symptoms
  • Dry air amplifies the appearances of lines and wrinkles on your face
  • Staying hydrated helps your body filter allergens, dust, and pollen through your nose
  • Humidified air is a natural way you can combat congestion during allergy season
  • Having extra humidity in the air prevents you from waking up with chapped lips and dry mouth

So what’s next? Check out this page that dives into the specifics of how you can take control this allergy season!

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