This Is Why Using An Essential Oil Diffuser Is The Future Of Self Care

If you’re into natural remedies, an essential oil diffuser is a device you’ll find incredibly useful.

Diffusers are the most efficient way to get the medicinal benefits of essential oils.

Although candles are a common way to release essential oils, essential oil diffusers address problems such as temperature control and safety around pets.

Why should you care about essential oil diffusers?

Even if you’re not into aromatherapy, you can still find ways to benefit from essential oils.  Essential oil diffusers are amazing for naturally addressing your mental health and giving a boost to your immune system.

coolmistorwarmmistWhat Are Essential Oil Diffusers Used For?

Essential oil diffusers are multi-purpose devices. The most common ways to use them is to get the benefits of concentrated essential oils.

Aromatherapy is based on heating essential oils and releasing the vapors in the air. Since essential oils come from different herbs and plants, they have positive effects on your body when heated and inhaled.

Aromatherapy is a popular alternative form of medicine that you’ll notice is pretty effective at treating cold and flu symptoms.

You can even use your essential oil diffuser to manage your mental health. Most essential oil diffusers/humidifier combos come with LED lights and a slight mist effect.  These simple features make it easy to create a relaxing environment. You can also use specific essential oils that have certain effects on your mental state.

After a long day of work, an essential oil diffuser can help you deal with feeling stressed out, fixing aching muscles or help with being unable to fall asleep.

Essential oil diffusers are futuristic ways to treat yourself and avoid relying on over the counter medicines. Different essential oil combinations can eliminate drugs such as sleeping pills and muscle relaxers from your life!

So, What should you look for in an essential oil diffuser?

When buying an essential oil diffuser, there are a few things to look out for:

• Look for a design you find visually appealing. Different diffusers have different LED light combinations and styles.
• Look for a sealed design that avoids leaks, even if accidentally knocked over
• Look for a diffuser that runs silently; the hum can be relaxing, but too loud is irritating
• Look for a diffuser with a large water reservoir, so you don’t have to keep refilling
• Look for a diffuser with an automatic shutoff timer

One thing to keep in mind about your essential oil diffuser is that cleaning is a crucial part of using it. You want to make sure you properly wash your diffuser between uses so that you don’t have the aromas of different oils crossing over.

You also want to keep your diffuser clean to avoid any bacteria’s or mineral deposits from forming. A dirty diffuser can negatively impact your health by causing you to inhale all types of foreign substances.

One of the most annoying issues you may face is having an essential oil diffuser with a short power cord.

This seriously limits your flexibility and ability to set up your own relaxing environment. When looking at different essential oil diffusers, make sure the power cord is appropriately sized for your room!

Which essential oil diffusers should you get? Here are some of our favorites:

VicTsing Humidifier/diffusercool mist humidifier

This is probably our favorite diffuser. The design fits in with almost any décor, and it’s easy to create a relaxing environment. The LED light is calming but isn’t so bright that you’ll find it disturbing.

The reservoir on this diffuser is decently sized, all you need to do is lift the top and fill it up.

The design is secure enough to avoid any spills unless you completely knock it over. The VicTsing diffuser runs on cool air are so it’s safe to use around kids and animals.

The VicTsing diffuser gives you the best of both worlds since it also doubles as a humidifier. You can get this diffuser in the classic wood grain design or onyx color.

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Now Foods Ultrasonic Diffusernowfoods1

At a glance, this diffuser can easily pass as a vase or some type of art piece. The Now Foods diffuser also runs on cold air, so there’s no risk of burning your essential oils.

The lid on this diffuser requires a bit of effort to get on and off, but it’s easy to avoid spills. This device has a unique LED light design, which you’ll find very relaxing.

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Olive Tech Diffuser

This is a very uniquely designed diffuser that can definitely set a relaxing vibe for your room. The dark wood grain finish makes this diffuser fit in well in any office or room.olivetech

Our favorite feature of this diffuser is the seven different LED light options that you can choose from. This diffuser runs extremely quietly and has a pretty large reservoir, so you won’t need to refill it all the time.

This diffuser also has an auto shutoff features, which is perfect for getting the benefits of different essential oils as you sleep. You can also adjust the flow and visibility of the mist that comes out of the unit.

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Overall, essential oil diffusers are incredibly useful devices with many different benefits. With cool mist technologies, most diffusers can also double as humidifiers. Check out our review of the Pure Enrichment humidifier, which can also double as an essential oil diffuser.

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