Guide To Quick Home Remedies For Common Issues

Before you go running out to the drugstore, consider these home remedies to help solve some of your issues.

Natural remedies are not only easy on your wallet but they also help your body recover in a more natural way.

Keep these following remedies in mind:

Bad breath

Having bad breath is actually caused by a buildup of bacteria in your mouth. This bacterium causes minor inflammation and releases noxious gases.

Chlorophyll is well known for how well it fights the bacteria that causes bad breath. Chew on a sprig of parsley & start to include more dark green vegetables in your diet to get your fill of chlorophyll.

Research has also shown that yogurt is good at fighting bad breath bacteria.

Car sickness/sea sickness

This feeling of disorientation is caused when your inner ear and other parts of your body send conflicting messages to your brain. One part signals your brain that it is feeling motion while at the same time the other part is sending messages that it feels no motion at all.

This motion disorientation can cause you to produce extra saliva and cause you to be nauseous. A compound found in olives called Tannins is great for combating this feeling. Sucking on a lemon also helps.

Stinky feet

Bacteria on your feet feed on dead skin cells and oils in your skin.

Lots of sweat and darkness helps produces more food for this bacteria, more food equals more waste that the bacteria leaves behind.

This waste from the bacteria causes the horrible foot order that many people suffer from.

You can kill these bacteria by soaking your feet in the right type of solution. You need to use a liquid that has an antiseptic effect in order to kill the bacteria. Try using vodka or vinegar, both of which are powerful antiseptics.

Common cold

A combination of many viruses culminates in what’s known as the common cold. The cold virus attaches itself to the lining of the nose or throat, causing inflammation and increased amounts of mucus.

Salt water has been shown to help sooth inflamed tissues in your throat. It also loosens the mucus which helps to get the allergens and bacteria out of your body.

Gargling salt water 3 times a day while your sick will help speed up the recovery process.


Coughing is the body’s natural way of removing any threats that may be inside. The following mixture is a strong antiseptic that will help clear mucus and sooth irritated passage ways:

  • ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons of water
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

Achy feet

Achy feet can be caused by a number of reasons. The foot is an extremely complex part of your body. It’s composed of 26 small bones and 33 joints. Issues can range from your tendons, bones, muscles or ligaments.

Save yourself the $75 sports therapist trip. Rubbing any kind of ball on your bottom of your foot is an extremely effective solution to most foot problems. It provides a massage and helps to stretch and strengthen your arches.

Arching your foot against a wall and stretching it backwards is also a good solution. This helps to stretch the muscles and tendons in the bottom of your foot.

Damaged hair

Excessive heat and dryness causes changes to the hydrogen bonds that hold your hair together which can lead to permanent damage.

Monounsaturated fatty acids in olive oil help to repair and protect your hair. The fats in the olive oil help make your hair softer and easier to manage.

Let the olive oil soak on your hair for about ten minutes at a time.

Brittle nails

Swimming, doing the dishes and excessive nail polish use are all examples of factors that can lead to brittle nails.

Try putting a dab of vegetable oil on your nails before you go to bed. Then put gloves on to help seal in the moisture over night. This forces the oil to penetrate your skin and help regain its natural moisture.


Bloating is caused by gas from your digestive system when it has trouble breaking down food.

Carbohydrates cannot be digested in the small intestine, sometimes causing the body to push the food through undigested.

This causes a spike in the production of hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane, causing you to feel bloated.

Dandelion tea is a mild diuretic which will help you get rid of any extra water and release the pressure on your stomach. It also stimulates bile which helps to break down fatty meals that cause extra gas.


Migraines are caused by an inflammation of blood vessels which causes the nerve fibers that surround your blood vessels to release chemicals.   These chemicals cause further inflammation, pain and increased enlargement of the arteries.

Peppermint oil has strong anti inflammatory properties that can help fight migraines. You can buy the oil and rub it on the areas that are causing you pain.

You can also try holding a pencil between your teeth to release the pressure on your head caused by biting down. The pencil allows you to relax your jaw brain which can help alleviate the migraine pain.

Keep these natural remedies in mind next time you are feeling ill. Humans are not meant to be taking pharmaceuticals on a regular basis. Whenever possible you should try and solve your illness safely and naturally. Of course don’t ever be afraid to go and seek out the help you need.

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