The Impact of Technology on Health – Why Should You Care?

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Technology has affected the lifestyles of all modern-day human beings. Nowadays, people use different types of electronic devices to monitor as well as better their health.

It is thanks to tech-powered equipment that people can manage their time better, partake in better communications, find a route out in the middle of nowhere or even lose weight quicker.

Whether you want to improve your cardio or get abs, there are now tools that can make your work and life easier.

Technology has also revolutionized health care. People, no longer need to wait in long lines at the hospital, they can get suggestions while sitting in their living rooms. Modern day tools have also made monitoring metrics like blood pressure, heart rate, pulse and respiration a whole lot easier.

In fact, it would be inaccurate to say that the well-being of the modern day person pretty much depends on electronic or technological devices.

Here are some major benefits offered by technology…

1. Tracking Heart Rate, Pulse Etc
Technology has led to the invention of the heart rate monitor, a device that helps in tracking your heart or pulse rate. With this tool, you can measure the electrical impulses and the number of beats made by the heart. The transmitter belt uses electrodes for measuring the heart’s electrical impulses and displays this information clearly and accurately via a nifty digital screen.

The heart rate monitor is not only useful to someone suffering from a heart condition it is also beneficial as an exercise tool. The device displays how quickly you reach your HRmax and for long you stay there, thus motivating you to perform better and increase or decrease your intensity when desired.

2. Enhancing Sports Injury Care
In the present age, athletes use wearable technology for measuring their condition and then perform training according to it. Mouth guards and smart socks are among a variety of protective gear that players can use for protecting their head and avoiding injuries.

However, technology has not only made the development of protective gear better it has also created the possibility of lowering sports injuries. Through data collection from real world sporting scenarios organizations such as the World’s Tennis Association (WTA) have been able to run various computer simulations which have allowed them to prevent injuries and accidents.

3. Assistive Technology
Professionals make use of accelerometers and GPS devices for predicting the risk of various types of injuries. Accelerometers are used for calculating the G-force and directional movements of different body parts.

Also, progress in Assistive Technology has helped enhance the lives of millions of disabled people. Today’s wheelchairs, walkers, and ramps are more ergonomic and user-friendly than ever before, thus aiding the differently-abled person to be more effective in the world.

4. Performing Effective Workouts
Tools and devices greatly help in performing accurate workouts. Tools designed with the latest technology help in achieving the best type of performance in activities such as walking, running, jumping, etc.

Recently, a particular tool called connected tracker has been launched. This tool helps in completing huge steps. By wearing this tracker, you can easily maintain the walking activity. According to a recent study, people who wore an activity tracker while performing walking completed around 6,200 steps, which aided them to meet their daily calorie deficit goals and lose weight effectively.

5. Improved Health Practices
Technology is particularly useful for maintaining health and fitness. Through the use of tools, people have burnt a lot of calories and lost a decent amount of weight. In the modern age:
● People use the internet for finding solutions to their medical problems and issues
● People can avail better treatments without having to physically visit and consult several doctors.
● People can avail care at a distance through the various video call initiatives and the doctors of the near future will also be able to perform surgeries on patients who are at located at a distance.
● Social media has also helped widened the gap between patients and doctors.

Summing Up
Technology has had an enormous positive impact on health and health care. As we mentioned above, heart rate monitors help in measuring heart rate which further helps in strengthening the cardiovascular system.

Tools like smart watches and mouth guards help in preventing sports-related injuries. The activity tracker greatly helps in achieving higher performance in workouts such as walking, running, jogging, etc.

Wheelchairs, walkers, handless crutches and other assisted technology have contributed to improving the quality of life of many disabled people. Electronic tools and distance programs have enhanced all types of health care practices.

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