Essential Information For Choosing The Best Stethoscope

The Best Stethoscopes Meet Medical Standards For Nurses and Assistants

One piece of equipment that’s often personal to those practicing medicine is the stethoscope. Often a stethoscope is purchased by students in nursing school, or while studying to become a physician’s assistant.  The best stethoscope can make the job easier, but it still comes down to developing the skill to use this tool.

In the clinic or small doctor’s office, the choice is whether to purchase a one-size-fits-all option for the staff, or in allowing those who will use to make an individual choice of the best stethoscope.

What will matter most to clinics or offices is not only meeting medical standards but also having a set standard for administration purposes.

Not All Stethoscopes Are Created Alike

Naturally, with so much competition on the market for such a commonly used medical device, there are a number of different selections, and the prices vary considerably.

Staff, if asked or allowed to use personally owned equipment will usually opt for less expensive, or midrange choices.

This can mean a difference in sound quality, size, and patient comfort levels. It can also make a difference in recording patient information at key points in treatment.

Having a set standard can therefore make a difference for doctors and administrators.  For example, a stethoscope such as the littmann classic iii will outperform cheaper models by far.  The Littmann brand is known for producing nothing but the best stethoscopes.

You can read up on how the best stethoscopes work here.

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Top Choices at Less Expense

Some of the most commonly used stethoscopes in clinics or in offices practicing general medicine are those effective and comfortable for both children and adults.

Ease of use is also important. Of course, this crucial piece of equipment should meet basic medical standards, and offer the practitioner the best opportunity to hear and record the patient’s information.  The best stethoscope will make a noticeable difference when it comes to the level of difficulty of detecting low pitch sounds in the body.  The next page gives you an idea on what to look for in the best stethoscopes.

Comparing The Best Stethoscope Choices

Among the best stethoscopes for clinical use is the 3M Littman Cardiology II. This stethoscope designed for both children and adults, and the dual-sided chest piece makes working with toddlers and youngest easier.

This selection also has two tubes the amount of noise generated from within the stethoscope is reduced. Tuneable diaphragms allow the user to listen to low and high-frequency sounds without difficulty.

With the 3M Littman, it is possible to hear different frequency sounds by simply adjusting the pressure on the chest piece.

This allows nurses or assistants to focus more on the patient even while checking the heart and lungs.

The headset is adjustable, which makes it easier to accommodate a number of different users and makes this a good selection for those clinics who wish to switch to using a set standard for office use.

Easy to Afford and Simple to Use

Another good recommendation for a general use stethoscope comes from American Diagnostic. This is a company many are familiar with, and trust. The ADC Adscope 615 makes hearing low to high frequency sounds easy.ADC Adscope 615

With a double-leaf internal spring fixed at 15 degrees, even those still in training will find it easier to assure patient comfort while gaining and recording patient information. The non-chill diaphragm is also a plus assuring the patient’s comfort level, and making working with youngsters much simpler.

There is a difference between the prices of these two selections. The ADC Adscope 615, is priced low enough to fit the budget of an office or clinic wanting to standardize. It is also low enough for even medical internals or training nurses to afford.

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Looking into Pricing

When the choice is to standardize and keep a number of stethoscopes for a clinic’s or office’s use finding a low cost no longer means sacrificing quality or having options that do not work well with all patients and staff members.

Many currently on the market in the U.S. and the U.K. are designed to accommodate both general and most specific requirements of the user and patient.

There are a lot of options available to you so, having the right information can help you out a lot. If you’re looking for the best stethoscope or for any other product, we can help you locate it quickly, with our comprehensive, interesting reviews and product comparisons.

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  2. I use the ADC Adscope 615 for neonate patients and have been very pleased with the quality and price. We stocked Littman for years and for years they would walk away. I believe it is the nature of the job when a doc or nurse puts them around their neck they leave the nursery. They still disappear but they disappear at a third of the cost .

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