Why You Should Start Your Day With Lemon Water

The benefits of lemon benefits are highly underrated and also highly effective as a health remedy.

The benefits of changing your morning coffee to a glass of lemon water may surprise you.

Lemon has many vitamins and minerals that stimulate your body and help to protect it from bacteria and infections. Most lemon peel benefits can make a significant impact on your health.

To get the benefits of lemons, you can add it to smoothies/ juices, stir fry’s and even baked goods. The peel contains all types of antioxidants and essential oils, so don’t throw it away!

Here are some of the benefits of lemon that you can expect from including it in your diet. We also included some lemon nutrition facts at the end of the article.

Boosts your immune system

Lemons are high in vitamin C & potassium, both of which are great for your immune system.

Stimulating nerve and brain function as well as using potassium help to manage blood pressure are among the health benefits of lemons. Your immune system will thank you, especially during cold and flu season!

Hydrates your lymph system

Lemons are great for hydration and recovering from being dehydrated. When you get lemon in your body consistently, it helps prevent adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue is when your body begins to suffer from using too much coffee and stimulants to get through the day.

One of the best lemon peel benefits is being able to add it quickly to water, both for taste and health reasons.

Great way to start getting over coffee

If you start making lemon water the first thing you put in your body, you’ll find quitting coffee to be easier.

Coffee is a known cause of adrenal fatigue and should not be used to fuel your body first thing in the morning. The natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients in lemons are a much better choice.

Helps your skin over time

Lemons are an antioxidant that helps flush your body out. The high vitamin C content in lemon peel purges toxins from your blood, which decreases blemishes and wrinkles.

The most recognized benefit of lemons is how effective they are and purging your system of toxins.

Lemons also encourage you to have to urinate, which is another way your body gets rid of toxins.

Another lemon peel benefit is its versatility in skin care; you can easily create a paste using lemon peel that will help keep your skin smooth and healthy.

Lemons help fight cancer

One of the best things about lemon peel is its effectiveness against cancer cells. Cancer cells grow best in acidic environments; lemons contribute to alkalizing your body and making it harder for cancer cells to grow.

Lemons also contain limonene and salvestrol Q40, which are known for their anti-cancer properties.

Another lemon peel benefit is the high amount of antimicrobial properties they have that help you fight infections and bacterial fungi.lemon peel benefits

Kills bacteria in your mouth

The citric acid in lemons can help to kill bacteria, even the ones that cause bad breath.

Drinking lemon water throughout the day can cure your bad breath! Another common lemon peel benefit is to use it for toothaches and gingivitis.

Lemons also create acid in your body once metabolized; it helps to reduce your body’s overall acidity and balance your PH levels.

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Helps with digestion

When you use lemon water to awaken your stomach first thing in the morning, it contributes to your stomach having an easier time digesting food.

Your gastrointestinal tract is stimulated from the concentrated dose of minerals and vitamins in your morning lemon water. Lemon water also helps to loosen various toxins that sit in your digestive tract.

Lemons also encourage the liver to produce more bile. Bile is an acid required for digestion that helps reduce constipation and heartburn.

Did you know…

Back in the days of pirates exploring our world by sea, lemons were used to treat a common illness; scurvy. James Lind is created with first using lemons to cure scurvy.

The regiment to be rid of scurvy is two ounces of lemon juice diluted with water every two to four hours.

As time went on the British Navy switched from keeping lemons on hand to limes, earning themselves the nickname “limeys.”

Please leave your comments! What’s your favorite recipe that uses lemon?

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5 thoughts on “Why You Should Start Your Day With Lemon Water”

  1. How much lemon am I supposed to put in to how much warm water? I can’t find the answer without it added some other ingredient. Or dose it not matter ?

    1. It’s kinda hard to get an exact dosage, I think it’ll depend on your tolerance for sour water. Of course the more lemon you ingest, the better. I usually slice a lemon into about 4-5 round slices and use 1 for each water bottle I sip on throughout the day.

  2. 8 oz glass of warm water and 1/2 a lemon, more if you like. That’s it. I add a Tlbs honey for the great things in honey.

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