What Makes The Littmann Classic iii Stand Out From Other Stethoscopes?

The Littmann Classic iii stethoscope is a very common recommendation when people are looking for a new stethoscope.

This article will help you understand what makes the Littmann Classic iii stand out from other stethoscopes. You can decide if these features will be helpful for your day-to-day duties.

This article here discusses if the Littmann brand overall is worth the investment.

Tunable diaphragmclassic iii

The tunable diaphragm is a benefit that comes with every Littmann stethoscope. You’ll find the tunable diaphragm to be a useful feature when faced with obstacles like a noisy room or bandages around the area you’re trying to inspect.

The tunable diaphragm on the classic iii works by applying pressure. If you hold the stethoscope lightly, it becomes easier to hear higher pitch noises. If you press the stethoscope against the patient, low-frequency sounds become more apparent. The tuning ability applies to both ends of the bell.

High acoustic quality

The classic iii stethoscope is noted for being able to pick up sounds easily thanks to its sensitivity. The higher acoustic quality makes it easier to use in loud environments and for identifying sounds such as heart murmurs.

The high acoustic quality of the classic iii is again something that spreads across the Littmann brand. When compared to other Littmann stethoscopes, the Classic iii is probably the middle of the road concerning sound quality. Stethoscopes from the Cardiology line and the electronic stethoscopes offer higher sound quality for a higher price.

Moderate weight

One complaint some people have about stethoscopes from the Cardiology line or certain AMG stethoscopes is that they are too heavy.

The Littmann Classic iii isn’t as light as the stethoscopes on the lightweight line, but it does a good job of not getting in your way as you work. If you’re upgrading from a smaller stethoscope, you might notice a slight increase in weight, but it’s nothing significant.

The Littmann Classic iii weighs in at 5.3 ounces, which is pretty light compared to Cardiology stethoscopes that are over 6 ounces. Certain Adscopes are in the same range at around 5.4 ounces.

classic iii reviewPut yourself at an advantage for your clinical tests

The bottom line is, the higher quality your stethoscope is, the more of an advantage you’ll be in during your clinical trials. Keep in mind you still have to develop the skill of using a stethoscope, but the sound quality will determine how easy or hard that is for you.

If possible, try learning how to use a stethoscope with a lower quality stethoscope. This will help you solidify what noises you should be looking for and how to use placement of the stethoscope to your advantage.  Choosing a specific type of stethoscope really starts to matter once you know how to properly use the tool.

If you’re looking for a stethoscope for daily clinical use, then the Littman Classic iii will serve you well. The tunable diaphragm, high acoustic quality, and weight are the three key benefits to this stethoscope. If you have the funds to make the investment, you won’t be disappointed.  Littmann has many different types of stethoscopes for your to choose from.

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