Littmann Classic iii Stethoscope Review

The Littmann Classic iii is a popular stethoscope you’ve probably seen floating around online.

The Littmann & 3M brand has a reputation for producing quality stethoscopes. The classic iii is one of their most popular releases and is available in a variety of colors.

In this review, we’ll look at what people have to say about the Littmann Classic 3, what’s wrong with it, and the features of this stethoscope. Scroll to the end to view the unboxing video.

Quick Notes About The Littmann Classic iii

  • Comes with a 5 year warranty
  • Two tuneable diaphragms
  • Dual lumen tubing
  • Available in 22” and 27” length
  • 18 different colors
  • Made in USA


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The Littmann name has a well-deserved reputation for quality in the medical world. David Littman was a cardiologist who sold stethoscopes before they became a standard medical device.

Since the early 1960s, Dr. David Littmann was focused on finding ways to improve acoustical performance in stethoscopes. After a breakthrough, 3M acquired Littmann’s company (Cardiosonics, Inc) in 1967. 3M is responsible for producing a wide range of Littmann stethoscopes. Thanks to the long-standing relationship between these 2 companies, you can feel confident in the quality of your stethoscope.

The Classic iii is a reliable all-around stethoscope for general use. This stethoscope features a dual-diaphragm chest plate which allows for both adult and pediatric assessment. You can even transform the pediatric side into a traditional open bell with the accessories included in your purchase.

If you’re a medical student, the Littmann classic iii may not be the best choice for your first stethoscope. The Classic 3 is a mid to high-level device. It’s best suited for people already skilled in using stethoscopes looking for a long term tool.

littmann classic iii stethoscope

What Do People Have To Say About It?

An old saying that rings true when it comes to stethoscopes is “you get what you pay for.” 

Many Littmann Classic iii reviewers point out how this stethoscope is worth the extra $30-$40 dollars simply because of the sound quality.

The Littmann Classic iii stethoscope makes it easier to identify weak blood pressures and hear sounds in noisy areas. This stethoscope has a more compact diaphragm and rim assembly, which increases acoustic sensitivity.

The Classic iii also features an anatomically designed headset which promotes better sound transfer. You can also easily adjust the position by squeezing or pulling apart on the eartubes. Unlike earlier releases, the Classic 3 has larger diameter ear tubes and a thicker single lumen binaural for better sound transfer.

What’s Wrong With It?

One negative that seems to be consistent with user reviews is the slight smell that accompanies the Classic iii stethoscope. While you’re breaking it in, there’s a minor rubbery smell that can be quite annoying.

Some reviewers confirm that the tubing is high quality, but it’s quite susceptible to picking up debris. Hair, fluff, and various strings get caught to the tubing, especially when it’s new. 

Another critique is the lighter colored stethoscopes get easily stained. Be careful of pen and scuff marks if you put your stethoscope in your pocket!


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Features Of The Classic iii

One of the best features of the Classic 3 is the 5-year warranty that comes with your purchase. You can send your stethoscope in at any time for repairs. All you need to do is fill out the repair form, print the shipping label, and send your stethoscope back to the manufacturer.

In the event you need repairs after your warranty ruins out, 3M offers a repair service for the fee. Repair prices for the Classic iii start at $65 USD.

The Classic iii is an aesthetically appealing device. There are many different colors you can pick from to showcase your personality. There are even special editions of the classic iii available in unique colors such as smoke, champagne, rainbow, and even a mirror finish on the chest piece.

From a technical standpoint, the Classic iii is extremely user-friendly. The stem features an indicator that enables you to quickly tell if you have the adult or pediatric side activated. The diaphragm is also easy to clean thanks to the smooth surface design without any crevices to trap debris.

Finally, the tubing on the Classic iii is free from rubber latex and phthalate plasticizers. This is great news for people or patients with allergies. The new tubing is more environmentally friendly so you can feel good about your purchase.

littmann classic 3

Final Verdict

Overall, the Littmann Classic 3 stethoscope is a quality device that you can feel confident using on a daily basis. You can take comfort in knowing Littmann has an excellent reputation for quality products in addition to a 5-year warranty.

Once you start using the Littmann Classic 3, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in sound quality, especially if you’re switching from a different stethoscope brand. You’ll notice the distinct 3M quality as soon as you begin unboxing your new stethoscope.

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You can watch the unboxing video below to see exactly what you’ll get!

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