What Should You Look For In A Portable Wheelchair Ramp?

A portable wheelchair ramp is a significant investment in your health and safety so you need to be as informed as possible when making your purchase.

Most portable wheelchair ramps are reasonably priced, but the significance comes in choosing a portable wheelchair ramp that actively keeps you safe.

This article will give you some thing to consider when looking for a handicap ramp. These tips will help you narrow down a wheelchair ramp that fits your needs and is able to keep you safe.  If you need tips on how to pick a wheelchair click here.

Height threshold

The height threshold is one of the most important factors for a portable ramp. If the threshold is too high or too low, you won’t be able to use the ramp safely.

If the threshold doesn’t match up with the ledge you’re using the ramp on, the ramp can be unstable and comprise your safety. Try and estimate the areas you’ll be using the ramp the most, and look for one that can accommodate the thresholds you need to traverse.

Here are some common areas for you to consider:

  • Vehicle thresholds
  • Doors with raised lips
  • Steps leading inside the home
  • The space between the floor and your shower
  • Steps from your garage into your home

Slip resistant material

Making sure the ramp gives you enough grip to safely go up and down is another important factor to consider. Take note of what type of non-slip material different portable ramps use and compare how effective they are.

Proper traction will go a long way when using your ramp in rain or snow. Some ramps even have drainage areas on the side to reduce the risk of slipping on water.  Making sure your ramp is usable in the elements is a key component of wheelchair safety.

portable wheelchair rampHow’s the quality? Weatherproof? Pressure treated?

Take note of the materials the portable ramp is made from. You want to look for high quality materials that can stand up to the elements. High quality materials also ensure your ramp lasts longer.

Metal, PVC or concrete are good materials to look for. Make sure your portable ramp as a weight capacity that fits your situation.

Calculate properly for space

Your portable ramp needs to have enough space for you to safely get on, off, reverse and turn.

You can calculate the space you need by measuring the width wheelbase of your wheelchair. You can also measure the width of various door openings where you’ll be using the portable ramp and make sure there is enough space.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a portable wheelchair ramp. Searching user reviews is a great way to save time when trying to find information to help you select a portable wheelchair ramp.

Here are some tips for picking out a wheelchair for the obese.

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