Try Something New This Allergy Season…

NEWS FLASH: Allergy season DOESN’T have to be miserable!

This review is for everyone who is sick and tired of waking up with stuffy noses, dry throats, irritated palates and suffocating congestion. If you’re just a person trying to stay healthy or a parent taking care of a sick child, you can find some benefit in what I’m about to talk about today.

Here’s Why Allergy Season Is So Bad…

Dry Air Is Aggravating Your Allergies

Did you know that inhaling dry air can actually affect your health? Breathing in dry air is a potential health hazard which can aggravate conditions such as bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma and cause nose bleeds. Inhaling dry air, especially during sleep, is responsible for general hydration as your body fluids are depleted which each breath.

Have you ever felt extremely dry and itchy in the morning? Dry air causes the moisture on your skin to evaporate which can lead to itching, flaking, and chapped lips. If you live in an environment with dry air, it’s also common to wake up with dry eyes.

Dry air attempts to absorb moisture from wherever it can. Your upper respiratory system is lined with moist membranes that protect your body from dust, viruses, and bacteria before they hit your lungs. Dry air makes it difficult for these membranes to do their job which makes your allergy symptoms unnecessarily intense.

Did you know your heating system and air conditioning unit blow dry air throughout your house?  It’s hard not to suffer from dry itchy eyes when you combine the dry air with all the allergens present in allergy season.

The Weather Isn’t Helping…

Have you ever noticed that some days you just can’t get your allergies under control? Unfortunately, the causes of allergy season are quite chaotic and random. Common plants such as ragweed, burning bush, and cocklebur begin to grow and get spread around by the wind as the snow melts.

Even when it rains, your allergies aren’t safe. Rain can wash away extra pollen that’s hanging around, but the moist conditions encourage more pollen to come back. If you live in a place where it gets hot and humid, it’s easy for mold spores to form outside and get blown around by the wind.

These allergens are virtually everywhere, so it’s not your fault if you tend to dread the warm weather because of your allergies.

You Aren’t The Only One Suffering

Did you know that allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the United States? Over 50 million Americans battle allergies every year!

Tree pollen and ragweed are the main culprits that cause seasonal allergies. Sensitivities can vary from person to person which makes allergies tough to keep under control.

Most people load up on allergy medications such as antihistamines to survive, but is this really the right decision?

Controlling The Humidity In Your Environment Will Reduce The Severity Of Your Allergies

Relying On Allergy Medications Is Expensive And Harmful To Your Body

Have you ever felt your “non-drowsy” medications still make you feel sluggish? Antihistamines such as loratadine (Claritin), fexofenadine (Allegra) and cetirizine (Zyrtec) still cause elevated heart rates which can lead to fatigue.

Did you know, the more you take nasal sprays the more your body is able to resist the medication? Nasal sprays are also irritating to use and leave the membranes in your nose more susceptible to nosebleeds.

Have you had those days where you doubled up on your allergy medication dose just searching for relief? If you live or work in an environment with dry air, it’s easy for your allergy symptoms to become worse as the day goes on.

However, doubling up on your antihistamine dose can have negative effects. You may notice nausea, dizziness and dry mouth which can end up making you feel worse.

Getting A Humidifier Isn’t A Magic Pill To Solve Your Allergy Symptoms

What this is, is a low effort way to increase moisture in your body and fight the negative effects of dry air

Having more humidity in your environment is proven to reduce the severity of allergy symptoms. With a humidifier, you can combat stuffiness, congestion, nosebleeds and other annoying symptoms by simply adding more humidity into your environment.

Extra humidity is a natural and effective way to combat seasonal allergies.

By using a humidifier, you can reduce your reliance on allergy medications. Instead of building up a tolerance to your nasal sprays and daytime allergy meds, you’ll find they are more effective when taken less frequently.

Who Is This For?

Increasing general humidity is a technique that works for anyone of any age to combat their allergies.

Increasing the humidity even works to combat dry air and allergy symptoms while you’re at work. A desk-size humidifier can be very effective throughout the workday.

This is a solution for people who want to spend less on allergy medications and find a natural way to suffer fewer nosebleeds and experience less congestion and other annoying allergy symptoms.

✤ Why Should I Get A Cool Mist Humidifier?

☞ Cool mist humidifiers spread room-temperature moisture throughout your environment. These humidifiers are popular for use year-round since they won’t make your space muggy and hot. Saturating the air in your living space with moisture will help you combat the negative effects of dry air and allergens.

✤ Aren’t Humidifiers A Lot Of Work To Take Care Of?

☞ Regular warm air humidifiers are much harder to take care of since the warm air encourages fast bacteria growth. With cool mist humidifiers, you won’t have this problem. A quick 5-minute cleaning every week will ensure your cool mist humidifier is outputting clean moisture into your environment.

✤ Don’t I Have To Pay Extra Money For Filters?

☞ Cool mist humidifiers use ultrasonic technology to transform water into water vapor. All you need to do is clean your humidifier with a wet cloth once a week to remove any buildup. Using distilled water makes cleanup even easier as there are fewer minerals to cause buildup in your humidifier.

You will feel relief.

Imagine waking up without having dry, crusty eyes or a horribly itchy throat. Simply adding more moisture to the air will help you suffer less during allergy season.

However, using a humidifier isn’t a solution that works for everyone.

This isn’t a solution for people who expect their allergies to completely disappear overnight.

This also isn’t for anyone who isn’t interested in relying less on harsh allergy medications. If you don’t like natural remedies, you probably won’t like using a cool mist humidifier.

Remember: using a cool mist humidifier will prevent you from waking up with dry eyes, dry mouth, and cool mist humidifier

By now, it’s easy to see how useful a humidifier can be in managing your allergy symptoms.

You can have all these benefits for just $60. AND when you act now, you will get a $10 off coupon from Amazon, bringing your total today to just $50!

The Pure Enrichment Humidifier has an industry leading 5-year warranty! And since your purchase is through Amazon, all your payment information will remain safe & secure.

Listen: it’s in your best interest to combat dry air before allergy season is in full effect. The earlier you start using your humidifier, the easier it is to keep your allergy symptoms under control. Don’t wait until you’re suffering from dry, crusty eyes, congestion, and an irritated throat before you add humidity to your environment.

Cool mist humidifiers work extremely well in combination with essential oils. Not only will essential oils leave your home smelling refreshing, they also contain many health benefits that carry over from the original plant form of the essential oil. Lemon and Eucalyptus oils are examples of essential oils that are excellent for cutting through congestion and reliving your allergy symptoms.

We all know allergy season is coming. Don’t make the mistake of stupidly going through another year of donating your bank account to the pharmacy in exchange for harsh medications. Taking advantage of humidity is extremely effective, but the simplicity of this technique causes it to get ignored.

Why go through the same routine this allergy season? After the 1st week, you’ll need to double up on your medication, and before you know it, you can’t function without them.

Here’s a better choice: take advantage of the natural benefits of humidity. Protect your body while you sleep and don’t let dry air worsen your allergy symptoms.

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If you need more information, here’s a review on the specs of the Pure Enrichment Cool Mist Humidifier.


✧ Dry air can aggravate conditions such as bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma and cause nose bleeds.

✧ Inhaling dry air during your sleep makes it harder for the protective membranes in your nose and chest to do their job.

✧ The weather is often chaotic making it hard to pinpoint the exact cause of your allergies,

✧ Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the United States.

✧ The more you take allergy medications, the more your body is able to resist them.

✧ Doubling up on allergy medications to find relief has negative side effects.

✧ Increasing general humidity is a technique that works for anyone of any age to combat their allergies.

✧ Using a cool mist humidifier is safe for children and infants.

✧ Adding humidity to your environment now will prevent dry air from making your allergies worse.

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