Urine Color Meaning: What Causes Changes & When To Worry

Concerned about your urine color meaning?

Urine color can come in all types of shades, and it can tell you a lot about your body and overall health.

Your urine color meaning can vary from no cause for concern to something serious where action is required, so it’s important you pay attention.

Ever wonder what causes yellow urine? What about orange? Even if you have clear or dark colored urine, you’re sure to wonder what it all means at some point.

The bottom line is, it’s important to take note of when your body is trying to send you messages. Paying close attention to the color of urine can allow you to spot health conditions ahead of time and get preemptive treatment.

This article will detail what the different colors of your urine mean as well as when to seek help.

What does transparent urine mean? What about straw colored urine?

These colors indicate that you are well hydrated, but you may want to consider drinking something with sugar & electrolytes in it.

Drinking too much water rarely causing any adverse health affects, but if your urine is consistently this color you’re probably drinking more than you need too. Straw or pale yellow colored urine is optimal and indicates that you’re normal healthy and hydrated.

The darker your urine becomes, the more urine you need to start drinking. If your urine is in the shades of golden yellow, honey or amber you need to start increasing your water intake.

Your body is trying to tell you that it needs more liquid to help with filtration. You may even feel thirsty when you’re urine is this color, the worst thing you can do is drink soda, alcohol or caffeinated drinks. Being thirsty is a sign you need water!

dark-urineWhat causes dark yellow urine?

Dark yellow is still normal, but you need to get some water in your system soon. If you’re in a hot and humid environment, you need to be careful if your urine is this color. You are easily susceptible to dehydration at this stage.

In severe cases it’s possible that dark yellow urine means you are suffering from some type of anemia, dehydration or a condition like jaundice.

If you notice you have dark yellow urine on a consistent basis, you need to seek medical help. When you see your urine is this colors you should also instantly increase your water intake.

Syrup/brown urine

This is not a good color. You desperately need water if your urine is this color. Worst cause scenario, this can be a sign of liver disease. Some of the bile salts that should be eliminated by your liver may be in your urine if your liver isn’t functioning properly.  Sometimes foods can turn your urine a reddish color, but brown generally isn’t a good sign.

If this color urine continues, make sure you speak with a doctor as soon as you can.  This is one of the most concerning urine color meanings, don’t hesitate to get this checked out.
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